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Sportizza - Home Of Sports Subang (Futsal Pitch) Waitlist Available

Rab, 12 Ogo 2020
8:00pm - 10:00pm
Terbuka Kepada Semua
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RM 17 99
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Tuan Rumah

Syukri Said

Pemain Max - 20 Waitlist Available


Game Description

All are welcome to this friendly game!

1) Teams will be formed (generally 3 or 4 teams) and will play a series of rotating short games. Where there are only 2 teams, play will be continuous.
2) If team rotation is applicable, each game will last 10 minutes (3 teams) or 7 minutes (4 teams).
3) If team rotation is applicable, the winning team stays after each game. A team cannot play more than 3 consecutive games (or 2 if this is a ?Chill? game).
4) Teams will be adjusted during the game if highly imbalanced.
5) Goalkeeper should rotate unless team has a permanent one.
6) Ball is out of play when it crosses the sideline. Corner kicks and kick-ins apply.
7) Goals can be scored from anywhere.
8) The goalkeeper can pick up a back pass (does not apply if this is an ?advanced? game) but not more than twice in a row.

Safety Rules

1) Keep the game friendly. Safety is paramount!
2) No sliding, hard tackles, or aggressive body contact.
3) No jostling at the netting.
4) No wearing foreign objects.

Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation, with full refund, is permitted up to 2 hours before event, except in exceptional circumstances. Within 2 hours of the event, cancellation is no longer permitted.

If you truly can not make it, and it is within 2 hours of event, please inform our Customer Service team at +60 19-715 5588, so they can take note. "No shows" can affect the game experience and are frowned upon.

Exceptional circumstances refer to situations in which your cancellation will cause the number of participants in a confirmed event to drop below a minimum viable level to run it.

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Sun, 04 Nov @ The Rainforest

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Rab, 12 Ogo 2020
8:00pm - 10:00pm
Sportizza Subang
Hosted by Syukri Said

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