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Why do hundreds of organizers love using Stranger Soccer to organize their game? We take the pain organising out of their hands. Providing extra players. Securing a pitch. Chasing attendance. Collecting payment. We handle it all, ensuring their games happen weekly, hassle-free!

Extra Players
Extra Players

Short a few players? We've got your back! Simply toggle your game to "public" to allow friendly strangers to join. No more cancelled games!


Let us do the chasing. Long painful WhatsApp threads are a thing of the past!


No shows who never pay? Friends who have no change? Our App ensures online payments are collected when players join, not when they show up.


We manage your pitch bookings and pay the venues. No more stress over pitch cancellation policies. If you need a pitch at a different location or time, we've got your back!

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We marked 1 year as addicted users of the Stranger Soccer app and we want to keep going. We are a group of Italians gathering twice a week at Kovan though we play sometimes elsewhere. Luckily this amazing app [and] its seamless interface makes it easy for us to organize our weekly game!

-Tomasso, user since 2019


We are a group of expats playing weekly at Our Tampines Hub. Numbers are a constant worry for us but this amazing app helps us organise our weekly game, connecting us with other players…ensuring we cure our football itch weekly! Great job guys!

-Jordan, user since 2019

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How can Stranger Soccer help me run my own "private" game?

Already have a regular game with your friends? Or want to create one? Think of Stranger Soccer as your game “concierge” service. We will assist you with pitches, payments, and players, so you can enjoy a hassle-free game every week.

How does it work?

Once you set up your game in the App, you will be given a unique link. Share this link with your friends, e.g. pasting it into your chat group. Your friends will book and pay for their slot(s) each week using the link. Meanwhile, we will work “behind the scenes” to ensure your pitch is booked and paid for, to track attendance, to collect the payments, and so forth. You just show up and enjoy the game!

How do I get started?

Simply fill up this form with your game details. We will be in touch within 24 hours to get you started.

What if I already have my own pitch booking?

That’s often the case with our new private game customers. As your “concierge”, we will take on the relationship with the venue and help manage your weekly game.

How do my friends pay? What if they prefer to pay in cash?

Its 2020, bro! Payments are made online. Each player should set up his own account, and pay for his own slot. After all, that’s kind of the point, to avoid the hassles of collecting cash, worrying about “no-shows”, and so forth!

Can you help if I am short of players in a particular week?

Yes. You can choose to keep your game “private”, where only your friends with the link can join, or make it “public”, which will allow players from the public to join.

Can I cancel my game?

Kindly inform us if you wish to cancel a game. We abide by the venue cancellation policy, which is usually 48 hours. All participants will be notified if the game has been cancelled, and any payments will be automatically refunded.

Who will be hosting my game?

You! This is your game, so you will be the appointed host. If you can\'t be there in a particular week, let us know and we will do our best to support you.

How will the game be priced?

During game set-up, we will work with you to set the per-player price for your game. We will try to keep the price as close as possible to what your friends currently pay.

Can I use this system to recruit players for my team or game?

If you are running your recurring weekly private game via Stranger Soccer, and are short a few players in a particular week, you can change your game to “public” status. This will allow public Stranger Soccer customers to join your game. Our code of conduct dictates that you welcome these “Strangers” warmly, but not collect their contact details or in any way recruit them to play outside the Stranger Soccer community.

Can I use this system to find last minute players for a one-off game?

No, we do not offer a service to find last minute players.